Get Involved


There are 2 streams of volunteering;

1. The volunteer Retail & Office administration training program – see services/programs for details.

2. General volunteering.

I want to help others in my community but I am not sure what I could do?

Many people involved with the foundation started out the same way. They had the desire to help others but didn’t know where to start. We can help. We will help you explore your talents and what you might like to offer.

Maybe you can add your talents to our Committee of Management, or a sub-committee? Maybe you are good with computers and can help keep our systems up to date or teach computer skills to trainees? Maybe you are a good mentor and can help train our group in the Op-shop? Maybe you can help with book-keeping or fundraising? Whatever your talent, we will find a way to put it to good use. Whether it be a once off offer to help or once a month or once a year – it is entirely up to you. Just call us to come in and discuss – 0419 896 178.


If I were to donate, how would I know my donation is being put to good use?

We gratefully accept donations of quality goods for our Op-shop, useful equipment for our programs and of course, financial support is critical to keep us afloat.

It is a myth that charities can give 100% of every dollar they receive directly to clients. How could they keep an email system going? Have a website? Cover their mandatory public liability insurance costs? Pay their government accreditation and registration fees? Send mail?

Our goal is to keep these cost to the barest minimum. Thankfully we have lots of good people who donate items in-kind eg. letterhead design, photocopying, paper, website design etc. This allows us to keep the administration costs related to donations to between 8 – 14% each year over the last 4 years.

Whilst we welcome financial support to pay for some of these unavoidable administration costs, we are open and transparent about them. As well as regular independent audits by qualified auditors, members and donators are also able to look at all our financial books and accounts – bank statements, receipt books, the lot! We stand by our integrity.

Do we only want financial donations?

No! Of course working and up to date computers, sports equipment and school items are of great benefit to our disadvantaged students and refugee programs. We have also had some wonderful donations of weird and amazing things that we have put to great use. For example;

The Foundation received a bequest of a large professional artist’s portrait easel, worth a significant amount if sold at an art trade/dealers auction. We “thought outside the square” and after a long search, managed to locate an organization that uses art therapy for people with mental health issues. We donated the easel and it will provide great benefit to many people for a very long time.

We can find a beneficial use for anything or anyone!


We run a highly regarded student training program and take students from a range of disciplines;

  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Counselling
  • Business/Commerce

We have a number of partnerships with various academic institutions including;

  • RMIT
  • Latrobe University
  • Monash University
  • Melbourne University
  • Victoria University
  • Swinburne
  • Holmesglen Institute


From time to time, casual and permanent positions are advertised on our website, with instructions on how to apply.